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Cleaning The Toilet? Try Some Coke


Coke is the popular go-to drink for most people when they want to cool down on a hot afternoon or simply re-energize. It is, therefore, a bit absurd when someone says you can use the carbonated beverage to clean your toilet. Is that for real?

Well, Coca Cola is a world-renowned brand and has been popular for eons, and so it’s only normal that people use it for hacks.

How Is That Possible?

best toiletsBest ToiletsHow is it that you can clean your toilet with coke? Well, the acid content makes it a winner. Coke has a pH of 3.4, and so it ranks at the same level as most cleaning agents. Carbonic, citric, and phosphoric acids are the main ingredients here that help with the process. You will not only clean your toilet with coke, but you can also use it to cook a steak! Some lady even poured some on her hair to dye it.

We have to note here that using coke as a cleaning agent is not as neat as you would want to imagine. It is a sticky mess that is not really worth it f you are the instant gratification kind. While most videos show it working instantly, that is not always the case. Depending on the severity of the stain, you may have to let it sit for the night or hours before you can clean it off!

The only saving grace when using coke to clean the toilet is that there are no chemical fumes that literally pierce the soul, and it is relatively cheap. If the stains are not overly stubborn, you will have them gone only after a short soak.

The fact that coke comes handy when scrubbing the toilet does not make it a danger to the human race. If high school biology is anything to go by; our stomach acids can handle worse. We recommend this site which has compiled the best toilets for your bathroom.

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